La rossa
Craft Beer

La Rossa

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Available sizes: 750 ml, 500 ml e 330 ml.

Top-fermented beer, intense red colour, compact with a creamy head. Intense toffee, caramel and ripe red fruit aroma. Sweet and balanced flavour.

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High fermentation Belgian Amber Ale from 6,5% vol.

The colour is mahogany and the foam is rich and thick. The scent is strong and structured, notes of caramelized malt, toffee, caramel and dry fruit chase each other. A rich, soft and round taste for your palate calls to mind scents already perceived by the nose, while a light bitter note will give the final touch.

The strength of this beer is surely the abundance of sensations that will never tire you. It can be grand, without being noisy and redundant.

The additional idea

Use it to create the base for a rich flavoured risotto. Toast the rice, sprinkle with LABI La ROSSA, add pumpkin sliced in small squares and sausages previously stewed with a shallot in extra virgin olive oil. Classic cooking with broth and, of course, stirring.

Also, you can soak some dry raisins to make delicious muffins!

STYLE Belgian Amber Ale
MALTS Pilsner, Carapils®, Monaco, Caramonaco®
HOPS Perle, Cascade, Columbus
BEER YEAST Top-fermented
COLOUR Intense red
HEAD Compact and creamy
FLAVOUR Sweet and balanced
AROMA Toffee, caramel, ripe fruit


Magnificent, charming and hypnotic in its ruby reflexes. It stares straight into the eyes of a structured and rich glass of red wine without any reverential fear.

A beer who enables important reflections, that can arise fireplace meditations and if served on table, loves the strong combination with mellow and rich dressings.

Tasty sauces, alp cheeses, second dishes of red or game meat are asked. However, it will not despise sausages or grilled ribs in friendly and unconventional occasions.

At the end of a dinner it’s a perfect combination with desserts, especially red fruit pies, caramel, dry fruit or cream.

It will not be disappointing if you try it with pizza! Have it with exciting flavoured pizzas: sausage and potatoes, sausage and pepper, Mexican, gorgonzola and salami, pork pepper and Asiago cheese, salami and Asiago cheese.


Rigatoni with red sauce sausage

A great sauce calls a great beer. The sausage, the tomato and the richness of this dish couldn’t go any better than with a charming red beer, soft bodied but structured. Red fruit, dry fruit, caramel and malt will exalt the taste of the sauce. A bitter final will help to degrease your palate and be ready for another bite.

Ingredients for 4 people:

   400 gr of rigatoni
   4 sausages
   200 gr of tomato sauce
   Sage, rosemary, cinnamon in sticks
   Salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil


Pour 5-6 spoons of oil in a big pan, the sausages peeled from its skin, grained and adjusted with salt and pepper. Cook the meat for a few minutes, then add tomato sauce, sage, rosemary, cinnamon in sticks and a glass of hot water. Cook at low heat for 45 minutes mixing once in a while. Once the sauce is ready, cook the rigatoni in plenty of salted water, then stir with sausage sauce. Tack your napkin into your collar, but before that, uncap LABI La ROSSA!

Recipe created by Elisabetta Scabio