Recipes created and made by the Michelin starred chef Stefano Ghetta, Restaurant L’Chimpl da Tamion (TN) and by the chef Diego Rigotti, Alpenresort Belvedere (TN).


Pork shank, LABI La AMBRATA, onion and paprika

LABI La AMBRATA, beer with character, rich scent and a decisive bitter. It’s terribly cheeky, but doesn’t exceed or tire. Our IPA will delight you and stay in your memory for a long time, without altering your taste buds; it will enhance your meat, without overcoming it and it will round the taste.

Ingredients for 4 people:

   2 pork shanks
   330 ml of LABI beer "La AMBRATA"
   Extra virgin olive oil
   Rosemary (little as needed)
   Thyme (little as needed)

   Salt and pepper (little as needed)
   2 tbsp of mustard
   2 red onions
   1 tsp of paprika
   1 tsp of sugar

Birra Ambrata
Stinco alla birra 1
Stinco alla birra 2
Stinco alla birra 3
Stinco alla birra 4
Stinco alla birra 5
Stinco alla birra 6


After browning the pork shank for 2-3 minutes, shade with 200 ml of LABI La AMBRATA beer until the evaporation is completed. Remove from heat and lay the pork shank on an aluminum sheet, dress with salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme and spread the mustard all around it. Wrap the sheet and bake in oven at 160° for 2 hours and a half. Cook the julienne onions for 10 minutes, adding salt, pepper, paprika, sugar and the remaining beer. Serve the meat with the caramelized onion sauce.

An additional idea:

For a unique side dish, cut in sticks the polenta and put it in the oven till gold.

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Light tiramisu with raspberries and LABI La BIANCA

A Blanche is never going to be the same! The nature of blanche beers is that they distinguish for light notes and scented white flowers, ripe fruit, exotic fruit, citrus and spices but, only once the perfect bond succeeds. On the other hand, not all keys will open the same door! These are the features of La BIANCA, which expresses itself better sip after sip and makes a perfect combination with raspberries, lightning the sweetness of the mascarpone cream. Try it to believe it: beer and dessert, it’s possible!

Ingredients for 4 people:

   100 gr of savoiardi
   330 ml of LABI beer "La BIANCA"
   200 gr of raspberries
   200 gr of mascarpone

   2 eggs
   20 gr of brown sugar
   Mint leaves (little as needed)

Birra Bianca
Blanche Misu 1
Blanche Misu 2
Blanche Misu 3
Blanche Misu 4
Blanche Misu 5
Blanche Misu 6


Wash the raspberries and soak them in a glass of LABI La BIANCA for half an hour. Mix mascarpone with sugar and egg yolks. Aside whip the egg whites until stiff, pour them and mix from bottom to top very gently. Take the biscuits and dip them in beer. Compose the Blanche-misù alternating a layer of biscuits, a layer of mascarpone cream, 4-5 raspberries drained from beer and add the mint leaves. Leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours and serve accompanied by a scented and cool glass of LABI La BIANCA.

An additional idea:

For a stunning presentation, prepare the dessert inside a ballon glass.

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Chicken with LABI La BIONDA, curry and coconut

“A Blonde, please.” There is no other phrase more common but, be aware, marking a beer from its colour is like entering a butcher’s shop and asking for a piece of white meat. LABI La BIONDA with its fragrant notes of grain and its slightly bitterness doesn’t make it “the same blond beer”; winks the eye and gives the chicken an amazing verve.

Ingredients for 4 people:

   500gr of boneless chicken breasts
   150 ml of LABI beer "La BIONDA"
   1 tsp of curry powder
   20 ml of coconut milk
   20 ml of cream

   Grated coconut (little as needed)
   100 gr of sultana raisins
   50 gr of fresh coriander
   Salt, pepper and peanut oil

Birra Bionda
Pollo Orientale 1
Pollo Orientale 2
Pollo Orientale 3
Pollo Orientale 4
Pollo Orientale 5
Pollo Orientale 6


Cut in small squares the chicken breasts and pass them into the grated coconut. In a copper pan, heat the peanut oil and brown the chicken for 2 minutes. Shade with beer and dress it with salt and pepper; add the coconut milk, cream, the curry and raisins. Cook for 4 minutes and in the end, add the fresh minced coriander.

Serve in a dish with some toasted rustic bread and obviously with a glass of LABI La BIONDA!

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Prawns with LABI La DORATA

The bond between beer and sea is a long-term relationship, such as it will be for you with the prawns and our aDORATAble Tripel. In all its alcoholic and strong power, it hides a soft side and sweetness that will remain in your memory and anticipate the taste of the next uncork. The sweetness of the prawn plays with the notes of peach scent in the beer and lemon peels will chase the scent of white flowers… An unforgettable experience will never be exchanged with no other double malt in the world.

Ingredients for 4 people:

   16 pieces of prawn tails
   150 ml of LABI beer "La DORATA"
   5 ml of soya sauce
   1 non-treated lime

   60 gr of fresh pineapple
   4 tufts of Belgian endive
   5 ml of extra virgin olive oil

Birra Dorata
Gamberi Ubriachi 1
Gamberi Ubriachi 2
Gamberi Ubriachi 3
Gamberi Ubriachi 4
Gamberi Ubriachi 5
Gamberi Ubriachi 6


Clean the prawn tails and marinate them in LABI La DORATA with soya sauce. In a pan, brown the pineapple with prawn tails for 2 minutes. Add salt, pepper, the marinated beer and soya sauce, then leave to evaporate. Stir the prawn tails and serve in a bed of julienne endive and dress it with salt and pepper. Finish with a sprinkle of grated lime.

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Dessert with LABI La NERA, vanilla, cinnamon and banana

Dark beer is often synonymous of a thick and heavy beer. LABI La NERA will break down your hesitancies with feelings that will completely capture your senses. It will beat all your uncertainty for the easiness to drink, elegance and soft body, a great use for the preparation of a dessert. Craft beer and ice-cream: would you have ever imagined? Seems strange, but the best discoveries are often born by chance, even the sweetest!

Ingredients for 4 people:

   360 ml of fresh cream
   80 gr of sugar
   6 gr of fish glue
   Vanilla flakes
   1 banana

   4 scoops of cinnamon flavoured ice-cream
   LABI beer "La NERA" (little as needed)
   Powder cinnamon (little as needed)
   20 amaretti biscuits

Birra Nera
Labi Dessert 1
Labi Dessert 2
Labi Dessert 3
Labi Dessert 4
Labi Dessert 5
Labi Dessert 6


Heat up in a small pan the cream with sugar and vanilla, afterwards add the fish glue and mix to blend. Put the cream obtained in the cups and harden in the fridge for 2 hours. Finish the preparation with crumbled amaretti, the cinnamon ice-cream and the sliced banana. Sprinkle as you like with LABI La NERA.

An additional idea:

For a stunning presentation, prepare the dessert inside a ballon glass.

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Carpaccio of carne salada with a dressing of LABI La ROSSA

It’s known, the reds attract for their splendour and amazing ways to express themselves, obviously only to attentive and faithful palates. The notes of toffee, caramel and ripe fruit will enrich a final bitter taste, decisive and unconventional.

Ingredients for 4 people:

   400 gr of carne salada
   50 ml of LABI beer "La ROSSA"
   160 gr porcini mushrooms
   Extra virgin olive oil

   Balsamic vinegar
   Salt, pepper
   20 gr of parmesan shavings

Birra Rossa
Preparazione Birra Rossa 1
Preparazione Birra Rossa 2
Preparazione Birra Rossa 3
Preparazione Birra Rossa 4
Preparazione Birra Rossa 5
Preparazione Birra Rossa 6


Prepare a dessert with beer, oil, salt and balsamic vinegar. Lay out the carne salada on the plate, the rocket, porcini mushrooms previously browned in oil, parmesan shavings and dress. Minimal effort, but highest outcome for a gourmet entrée or a light second dish thrilled by the pairing with our LABI La ROSSA.

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Hearts of onion with potato foam and crescione cheese.

Ingredients for 4 people:

   4 whole golden onions
   1 kg gross salt
   4/5 myrtle twigs
   500 ml LABI beer "La GLUTENFREE"

For the decoration:
   extra virgin olive oil q.s
   crescione cheese q.s.
   100 gr onion cloves

For the foam (siphon):
   300 gr potatoes
   300 gr milk (use broth in case of dairy intolerance)
   salt, extra virgin olive oil q.s.

La GlutenFree
Cipolla Fondente 1
Cipolla Fondente 2
Cipolla Fondente 3
Cipolla Fondente 4
Cipolla Fondente 5
Cipolla Fondente 6


Lay half of cooking salt at the bottom of a casserole. Wash the onions and leave the skin on, lay them on the salt and put the myrtle twigs all around. Cover the rest with salt, pour the beer and bake at 120° for 4 hours.

Meanwhile prepare the foam, by steam cooking the potatoes then whisking with milk, salt and oil.

After 4 hours of baking, go ahead with the plating. Once the onions are warmed up, take out half of the pulp and place it on the plate (one each); fill the remaining half with the potato foam siphoned with 2 nitrogen cartridges. Decorate with a little bit of oil, some crescione cheese, the sautéed onion cloves and the remaining sauce in the pan.

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Risotto with shrimps and spinach powder.

Ingredients for one person:

   80 gr rice
   500 ml LABI beer "La DORATA"
   vegetable broth q.s
   40 gr parmesan cheese
   40 gr sour butter
   2 shrimps
   1 orange peel
   2 thyme twigs
   dill tops
   extra virgin olive oil and “fleur de sel” q.s

For the pesto:
   300 gr baby spinach
   50 gr parmesan cheese
   100 gr pine nuts
   pepper, salt q.s.

la dorata ricette
Gamberisotto 1
Gamberisotto 2
Gamberisotto 3
Gamberisotto 4
Gamberisotto 5
Gamberisotto 6


Heat the oil and toast the rice; tinge with LABI La DORATA and cook with vegetable broth for 14 min.

Meanwhile sauté one diced shrimp with oil and an orange peel. Remove the rice from heat and leave it to rest for one minute; add the diced sautéed shrimp and blend with sour butter and parmesan cheese.

Sauté the other whole shrimp in a pan with some oil, the thyme twigs and tinge with LABI La DORATA. Salt with fleur de sel q.s.

Prepare a pesto with baby spinach, parmesan cheese, pine nuts, pepper and salt q.s.. Prepare the plating, serving the risotto on a dish and lay the sautéed whole shrimp on top. Decorate the shrimp tail with spinach pesto, grated raw orange peel, the dill tops and a little bit of oil.

*THE CHEF MAGIC TOUCH: sprinkle some spinach powder on top of the plated rice. To prepare it, boil the spinach, dry and whip.

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Tortelli with beer gelatine filling, with tartare of carne salada, truffle and speck powder.

Ingredients for 4 people:

For the pasta:
   1 kg flour
   800 gr egg yolk

For the beer gelatine filling:
   1 l LABI beer "La BIONDA"
   10 gr agar agar

For the decoration:
   40 gr carne salada
   15 gr truffle caviar
   30 gr speck
   10 gr butter
   extra virgin olive oil q.s.

Birra Bionda Labi
Tortelli Rovesciati 1
Tortelli Rovesciati 2
Tortelli Rovesciati 3
Tortelli Rovesciati 4
Tortelli Rovesciati 5
Tortelli Rovesciati 6


Prepare the tortelli adding the yolks to flour and working the dough. Lay the pasta in thin sheets of 1 mm to obtain squares of 8 cm x 8 cm. To prepare the filling, mix LABI La BIONDA with the agar agar in a pan and bring it to a temperature of 86°.

When it gels, whisk and insert in a sac-à-poche. To make the tortelli, lay the gelatine beer on the square of pasta. Wet the sides with water, close like a napkin/triangle and fold the two ends until they meet and seal. Prepare the tartare of carne salada minced it with evoo. Cut the speck in thin slices and dry in oven at 170° for 14 min; once is cool down, whisk to obtain a flavoured powder.

Bring the salted water to a boil, cook the tortelli for 4 minutes and sauté them with melted butter. Add a bit of cooking water to blend and in the end tinge with beer. Plate by laying the tartare of carne salada on the bottom, place the tortelli on top (4 each) and decorate with truffle caviar and speck powder.

*THE CHEF MAGIC TOUCH: finish the dish with beer foam; for the preparation use 500 ml of LABI La BIONDA and 10 gr of agar agar. When it gels, whisk and lay the foam on the plate, here and there, with whipping siphon.

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Fresh butterfly pasta with veal ragout, beer gel, olives and crunchy parmesan

Ingredients for 4 people:

For pasta:
   1 kg flour
   800 gr egg yolk

For white ragout:
   300 gr ground veal
   1 celery stick
   1 onion
   1 carrot
   150 ml LABI beer "La BIANCA"
   meat broth q.s.

For the beer gel:
   500 ml beer
   5 gr xanthan

For the decoration:
   LABI beer La BIANCA q.s.
   extra virgin olive oil q.s.
   80 gr green olives
   60 gr grated parmesan
   tarragon leaves

La BIANCA Ricette
Farfalle Tricolore 1
Farfalle Tricolore 2
Farfalle Tricolore 3
Farfalle Tricolore 4
Farfalle Tricolore 5
Farfalle Tricolore 6


First step, to prepare the white ragout. Sauté the diced vegetables and the ground veal, tinge with La BIANCA. Add some meat broth and cook at low heat for 2 hours.

Prepare the fresh butterfly pasta by adding yolks to flour and working the dough. Lay the dough in thin sheets of 1 mm and cut in rectangles of 7 cm x 4 cm. Cut the short side, meaning the vertical one, with the serrated pastry cutter. In the end take the two long sides with thumb and forefinger to put them together forming the shape of a butterfly.

*THE CHEF MAGIC TOUCH: separate the fresh pasta in three parts and add some creamed spinach, saffron and sepia ink to make three types of coloured pasta. Roll out the three dough sheets and put them together. Otherwise prepare some basic fresh butterfly pasta.

Prepare the olive powder drying the olives in oven at 120° for 3 hours, then whisk.

Drop 500 ml of LABI La BIANCA in a pan, add the xanthan and mix with a whisk until completely melted. Pass the gel with the blender and warm it up. Meanwhile cook the fresh pasta (60 gr each) in salted and boiling water for 2 minutes; then drain and sauté with a bit of oil. Tinge with some LABI La BIANCA for 1 min. until it dries and becomes a slightly caramelized sauce.

Plate the white veal ragout at the bottom, lay the butterflies on top and flavour with some olive powder. Decorate with crunchy parmesan; for preparation grate the cheese in a pan and let it dry in the oven. Finish with some beer gel and tarragon leaves.

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Beef tagliata with onion petals, candied cherry tomatoes and blown parmesan

Ingredients for 4 people:

   720 gr beef sirloin (180 gr each)
   extra virgin olive oil q.s.
   1 garlic clove
   2 small thyme twigs
   LABI beer "La AMBRATA" q.s.

For the decoration:
   some parmesan crusts
   2 onions

   500 ml LABI beer La AMBRATA
   5 gr agar agar
   some lovage leaf (mountain celery)
   16 cherry tomatoes
   icing sugar q.s.
   salt q.s.

Ambrata ricette
Tagliata Ambrata 1
Tagliata Ambrata 2
Tagliata Ambrata 3
Tagliata Ambrata 4
Tagliata Ambrata 5
Tagliata Ambrata 6


Cut the meat in pieces of 180 gr each. Put a pan with a sheet of oven paper on the stove and heat it up well. Sauté the meat on both sides with a bit of oil and thyme. Tinge with LABI La AMBRATA.

Place the meat in a casserole with the sauce obtained in the pan and bake at 50° with static oven. Cook for 25/30 min. until the temperature in the middle reaches 38° (use a meat thermometer). Meanwhile peel and boil the onions and once heated extract the petals from the heart.

Prepare the beer gelatine with 500 ml of LABI La AMBRATA and add 5 gr of agar agar. Put on stove and keep mixing until it reaches 80°. Pour some drops inside the onion petals with a teaspoon and leave to gel. Peel the cherry tomatoes, spread them with icing sugar and salt, then bake for 1 hour at 90°.

Prepare the blown parmesan cutting the crust in small cubes, boil it for 30 min., dry it and deep fry with oil at high temperature. For plating, cut the meat in two pieces and lay on a plate. On top of the candied cherry tomatoes, lay the blown parmesan and the onion petals filled by the beer gelatine all round. Furnish with some lovage leaf here and there.

*THE CHEF MAGIC TOUCH: decorate the bottom of plate with some meat sauce.

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Porcini crusted pork shank with mashed celery, onion and beer sauce.

Ingredients for 4 people:

   4 pork shanks
   500 ml LABI beer "La BIONDA"
   extra vergin olive oil and salt q.s.

For the crust:
   500 gr bread
   500 gr butter
   100 gr porcini mushrooms
   1 egg white
   extra virgin olive oil q.s.

For the purée:
   200 gr celeriac
   50 gr onion

   300 gr milk
   salt and pepper q.s

For the beer sauce:
   500 ml LABI beer La BIONDA
   100 gr acacia honey

For the decoration:
   8 small myrtle twigs
   redcurrant q.s

Bionda ricette
Mini Polpettoni 1
Mini Polpettoni 2
Mini Polpettoni 3
Mini Polpettoni 4
Mini Polpettoni 5
Mini Polpettoni 6


Sauté the pork shank with a bit of oil and tinge with LABI La BIONDA. Bake in oven at 120° for 10 hours. Once cooked, leave to cool down and mince the meat. Use film to make mini meatloaves of about 120 gr each.

Wash the mushrooms and cook in a pan. Whisk the bread, add softened butter, egg white (not beaten) and cold mushrooms in the end. Place this cream on top of meatloaves and put in oven at 160° for 10 minutes to brown.

Prepare the purée whisking the boiled vegetables with milk until obtaining a creamy consistency. Salt as you like. In the end prepare the beer topping reducing the beer to 2/3 and mixing it with honey. Leave to cool.

Place the meatloaf in the centre of the plate, a round of topping beer LABI La BIONDA and furnish here and there with some quenelles of purée. Decorate with 2 small myrtle twigs and frozen redcurrant to give a note of freshness and acidity.

*THE CHEF MAGIC TOUCH: add some jelly beer foam, made by siphoning the beer with fish glue and leaving it to rest in the fridge.

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River pike perch filled with parsley, chanterelles, speck and beer coral.

Ingredients for 4 people:

   200 gr pike perch fish
   330 ml LABI beer "La NERA"
   4 eggs
   150 gr chanterelles
   4 slices of speck
   oil, parsley q.s

For parsley pesto:
   100 gr parsley
   50 gr pine nuts

   2 garlic cloves
   extra virgin olive oil q.s

For the coral beer:
   140 ml of LABI beer La NERA
   50 gr extra virgin olive oil
   15 gr rice flour
   10 gr sepia ink

Birra Nera ricette
Sushi 1
Sushi 2
Sushi 3
Sushi 4
Sushi 5
Sushi 6


To start peel the eggs and put the yolks in a basin filled with beer, leave in the fridge for 12 hours. Prepare the parsley pesto by working it with pine nuts, garlic, oil and a pinch of salt in a mortar. Wash the chanterelles and sauté for a few minutes with a bit of oil, parsley and some fish broth. Dry the speck slices in oven for 12 min. at 172°.

Flake the pike perch fillet and clean the skin. Lay on film sheet and put the fish meat on top. Fill the centre with pesto and roll using the sushi technique. Bake at 90° for 6/7 min.

Prepare the beer coral combining all the ingredients and shake in a feeding bottle. Warm up with a bit of oil in a pan keeping a medium temperature and let the mixture drop in small doses. As soon as the liquid evaporates, remove the waffle with a scoop.

Arrange the plate cutting the pike perch sushi in 4 rolls and decorate with crunchy speck, the chanterelles, the yolk that should be “done” and the coral beer LABI La NERA.

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Salmon trout on a lovage pavé with beer waffle.

Ingredients for 4 people:

   600 gr salmon trout (2 pieces of 75 gr each)
   extra virgin olive oil, pepper, salt

For the pavé:
   100 gr lovage (mountain celery)
   100 gr potatoes

For the beer waffle:
   1 l LABI beer "La ROSSA"
   200 gr potatoes
   3 gr xanthan

For the decoration:
   extra virgin olive oil q.s.
   8 thyme twigs

Birra Rossa 2
La trota 1
La trota 2
La trota 3
La trota 4
La trota 5
La trota 6


To start, boil the potatoes and lovage in two separate pots.

Once cooled, whisk the lovage with 100 gr of potatoes until it reaches a thick and creamy consistency. Lay the mixture in a casserole slightly covered with oven paper. Leave to freeze for 3-4 hours.

Prepare the waffle; reduce LABI La ROSSA at 150 gr and add the remaining 200 gr potatoes mashed. Whisk all the ingredients adding 3 gr of xanthan. Lay the preparation in a casserole covered of oven paper and dry in oven at 60° for 1 hour.

Sauté the trout in a pan with oil, salt and pepper and pass in oven at 160° for 7 min. Take out from the freezer the casserole with the lovage foil, rapidly mincing it with hands and plate it creating the pavé. Lay on top 2 pieces of trout of 75 gr each per person.

Remove the beer foil, curl and lay on top of the fish. Finish the dish with a bit of raw oil and two thyme twigs.

*THE CHEF MAGIC TOUCH: uncork a LABI La ROSSA and put foam here and there on top of the pavé.

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Strawberries and whipped cream with yogurt, meringue and ice-cream on a chocolate crumble.

Ingredients for 4 people:

   300 gr strawberries
   500 ml LABI beer "La BIANCA"
   200 gr strawberry ice-cream

For the mousse:
   500 gr fresh whipping cream
   500 gr white yogurt (sugar free)
   200 gr sugar
   4 gelatine sheets

For the crumble:
   365 gr almond flour
   310 gr “00” flour
   365 gr butter
   300 gr sugar
   65 gr cocoa
   18 gr cinnamon
   10 gr salt

For the decoration:
   meringue q.s.
   verbena leaves q.s.

Birra Bianca 2
Panna e fragole 1
Panna e fragole 2
Panna e fragole 3
Panna e fragole 4
Panna e fragole 5
Panna e fragole 6


Wash and put under vacuum the strawberries with LABI La BIANCA; leave in the fridge to soak for 12 hours.

To prepare the mousse whisk the whipped cream and yogurt with sugar and add gelatine sheets soaked in water.

Add the almond flour to all the other ingredients for the crumble and mix until it becomes homogeneous. Lay on a pan and bake with static oven at 172° for 20 minutes. Leave to cool and then crumble the mixture. For the plating, create “puffs” with the mousse and lay the strawberries on top. Finish with a strawberry ice-cream ball on a bed of crumble and meringue.

*THE CHEF MAGIC TOUCH: decorate the plate with some caramel decorations.

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