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LABI offers nine types of beer, each one with a distinct style that goes well with different flavours from all over the world.

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Labi Garage Crazy Rider 1


Opalescent golden coloured beer and a hat of white, soft and persistent foam. Aromatic and lovely, great scent of ripe fruit, pear, banana and honey; light shades of raisin. Soft body, round and malted followed by a slightly dry and bitter final. It warms without exceeding in alcohol level. Ideal to accompany first dishes or half seasoned cheeses, but also desserts and biscuits.

Style Belgian Blond Alcohol 6,3 vol %
Malts Pils, Wheat, Carablond Hops Aurora, Hallertau Tradition
Fermentation High Colour Golden yellow
Head White and persistent Flavour Soft and fruity
Aroma Ripe yellow pulp fruit Food combination Starters, medium seasoned cheeses, desserts
Labi Garage Dark Moon 1


Dark and impenetrable beer with a hat of compact and cappuccino coloured creamy foam. On the nose, intense toasted notes of cocoa, coffee, liquorice and caramelized sugar. The taste is round, a balance between sweet and toasted sensations, in harmony with a pleasantly bitter final. The body is structured, round and elegant and together with a low alcoholic touch it becomes an Imperial Stout easy and smooth to drink. Great with seasoned cheeses, cuts of meat and game. Excellent with desserts, cream and dark chocolate cakes, biscuits.

Style Imperial Stout Malts Pils, Dark Munich, Caramel Pils, Black, Caragold
Alcohol 7,5 vol % Head Slightly bitter, dominant liquorice and coffee
Hops East Kent Goldings, Aurora Food combination Seasoned cheeses, game, desserts
Colour Black with shades of ruby Head Creamy and persistent
Other cereals Flaked wheat Aroma Light notes of toasted malt and coffee
Fermentation High
Labi Garage Dark Moon 1
Labi Garage Flower Season 1


Easy and versatile wheat beer. The colour is light yellow, slightly opalescent and the foam is light and medium persistent. On the nose flowery, delicate and slightly citric; the scent is of lychees, jasmine, honeysuckle. To the palate is sweet and balanced, the aroma is fresh and fruity. The body is light and the taste of white pulp fruit makes it inviting and refreshing. The final is dry and slightly peppered. A great pairing with delicate dishes of white meats, fish or vegetables and appetizers.

Style Saison ai fiori di sambuco Aroma Elderflower, white pulp fruit, herbal and slightly peppered final
Malts Pils, Caramel Pils, Wheat Hops Hallertau Mittelfrüh
Spices Coriander Other ingredients Elderflower syrup
Fermentation High Colour Straw-yellow, slightly opalescent
Head White, medium persistent Flavour Soft, light and fruity
Alcohol 4,4 vol % Food combination Delicate dishes, appetizers
Labi Garage Hoppy Sunset 1


Fruited and amber coloured IPA with a soft hat of white foam. On the nose, a lively melange of exotic fruit, mango and peach, followed by herbal and resinous touches. To the taste, the hop defines bitter notes, persistent but not too cheeky, in an aromatic complex, it’s always balanced and malted. Medium body with a dry final. Ideal with herbal and seasoned cheeses, pork meat, street food and slightly spiced dishes.

Style American IPA Aroma Tropical fruit, light resinous notes
Malts Pale, Dark Munich, Caramel Pils Hops Columbus, Cascade, Aurora, Chinook
Fermentation High Colour Amber with copper highlights
Head White and compact Flavour Rich and medium bitter
Alcohol 6,0 vol % Food combination Herbal and seasoned cheese, pork meat
Labi Garage Hoppy Sunset 1
Labi Garage Kanpai 1


A light yellow coloured beer, slightly opalescent with shades of green; the foam is white and medium persistent. The scent opens in a fresh intense bouquet of spices and citrus. To the taste a prevailing aroma of ginger makes it cool, refreshing and easy to drink. The body is light and the taste is acidic, lively and fresh. Slightly hopped end. A great pairing with fish dishes, sushi, seasoned white meats.

Style SGinger Spiced Ale – Gluten free* Aroma Citric of ginger, spicy, slight notes of pepper
Malts Pils, Vienna, Caramel Pils Hops Cascade, Hallertau Mittelfrüh
Fermentation High Colour Clear, lightly opalescent
Head White, medium persistent Flavour Fresh and particularly exotic
Food combination Fish and white meat Alcohol 5,5 vol %

*Beer deglutinized by a specific brewing process.

Labi Garage Long Race 1


Light beer straw-yellow coloured. The foam is also light and medium persistent. The scent is flowery and fruity, with fresh notes of gooseberry, passion fruit and freshly cut grass. The disengaged and smooth body together with a pleasant bitterness makes it very easy to drink. Light body, but also rich and tasty thanks to the flavours of tropical fruits and pineapple. Dry and hoppy final with an herbal and bitter aftertaste. Adapts to a vegetarian, ethnic and spicy cuisine. Excellent with vegetable plates, carpaccio, fresh cheeses.

Style Golden Ale Flavour Fresh, slightly herbal and tropical
Malts Pils, Caramel Pils Other cereals Flaked oats
Hops Hallertau Blanc Food combination Vegetables, carpaccio, fresh cheeses, spicy dishes
Colour Straw-yellow Head White and medium persistent
Alcohol 4,5 vol % Aroma Light notes of white pulp fruit
Fermentation High
Labi Garage Long Race 1
Labi Garage Smoke 'n Roll 1


Beer with golden highlights and light medium persistent foam. While keeping a smooth body, it’s very rich to the scent, notes of peated malt prevail. To the taste it’s winding an intriguing with a touch of caramel and nut, accompanied by a persisting warm aroma, structured and smoked. By itself it’s a wonderful beer for meditation due to its intensity, but it gives its best also if paired with meats and cheeses.

Style Peated Ale Alcohol 5,8 vol %
Other cereals Flaked oats Colour Golden with amber highlights
Hops East Kent Goldings Malts Pale, Peated, Caramel Pils, Dark Munich
Fermentation High Head White, medium persistent
Flavour Rich and aromatic Aroma Peated smoked, slightly herbal notes
Food combination Meats and cheeses
Labi Garage Thunder Hop 1


Beer with an intense amber colour and ruby highlights. Generous ivory foam on a well-balanced medium body. On the nose traces of caramel and liquorice. Notes of noble American hops offer shades of pine and citrus. The taste is rich and round of toasted malt and slightly citric in the end. Complex in the shades of toasting, this beer offers a splendid and seductive game of contrasts between malts and hops. Ideal with spicy first courses like amatriciana, red meat and seasoned cheeses.

Style American Amber Ale Aroma Citric and resinous with light notes of toasted malt
Colour Amber ruby Hops Columbus, Cascade, Aurora, Chinook
Fermentation High Malts Pale, Dark Munich, Caramel Pils, Crystal
Head Ivory white and creamy Flavour Full-bodied, with scent of caramel and liquorice
Alcohol 5,8 vol % Food combination Spicy dishes, red meat, seasoned cheeses
Labi Garage Thunder Hop 1
Labi Garage Venice Beach 1


Wheat beer, cool and refreshing. Straw-yellow coloured, white foam and slightly persistent. On the nose an intense scent of exotic fruit and citrus like mandarin and grapefruit. Light body and delicate taste of yellow fruit, guava and lychees. This fresh and fruited bouquet is followed by a dry final, intensively hopped and delicately spicy. The aftertaste is slightly acidic. Best pair with raw or fried starters, marinated fish and shellfish.

Style American Wheat Food combination Starters, marinated fish, shellfish
Fermentation High Hops Chinook, Columbus, Cascade, Amarillo
Spices Coriander Malts Pils, Wheat, Caramel Pils
Colour Straw-yellow Head White and medium persistent
Flavour Fresh and citrusy Aroma Cereal, herbal and delicately fruity
Alcohol 4,4 vol %
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